Fired UP Firearms, LLC

Our Services

Firearms & Concealed Carry Coaching

With over 30 years combined experience, our instructors provide education and guidance to law abiding Americans, who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights by:

    •    Offering firearms safety both on and off the firing range
    •    Use of a firearms simulator to help improve shooters techniques before heading to the range
    •    Maintaining firearms for deployment safety and solid, consistent reliability
    •    Offering coaching services to clients who are new to handling firearms 
    •    Offering brokering services at reasonable prices!

"When I first called Bruce, from Fired Up Firearms, I had never fired a gun before and did not know what to expect. From the moment he picked up the phone he was answering questions that I didn't know I had yet. My family and I had recently received some news that made me want to find a way to ensure our safety. Bruce not only gave me the confidence to fire a weapon, but armed me with the knowledge necessary to carry one comfortably. Thanks to Fired Up Firearms I now have the means to protect my wife and kids and have a true understanding of what that really means. Even if you have experience with firearms, I recommend you ask about the shoot no shoot training. It is a real eye opener."

- Ariel Melendez