Fired UP Firearms, LLC

Concealed Carry & Simulator Training

​​"I did not grow up around firearms and in fact was a little afraid of the damage they can inflict. Over the last several years I have seen the increase in senseless violence and felt I needed to become informed and comfortable with a firearm for my own protection as well as those I love. I was introduced to Fired UP Firearms by someone I love and trust, so decided the time was right. Bruce Kuhn’s program is designed to help, in my case someone with no knowledge, to become first and foremost safe, as well as comfortable with carrying and shooting a firearm. Bruce shared his knowledge patiently and with a concern for my complete understanding of the responsibility that comes with owning and carrying a firearm. He assisted with fitting the gun to my needs and was knowledgeable as to what would work or not work for me. The Simulator was impressive, giving you both sound and visual education that allowed me to develop my “pumpkin on a post” site recognition as well as hand and stance basics. The Shoot-No-Shoot simulator program was an excellent tool that helped me develop situational awareness, and made me realize what I do not know and the need to practice. I was nervous about actually shooting the gun I chose at the range, but after getting over my butterflies found I love it and will continue to practice until I am proficient.

Thanks Bruce for the class, was well worth the time and energy. I recommend to all who are new or need an update to firing a weapon safely and responsibly."

-Susan N. Shilling