Fired UP Firearms, LLC

CCP System

 Exclusive System to Fired UP Firearms

To complete the CCP System you have to go through a four step process. This system is designed for novice to advanced shooters. It’s completely flexible! You can go through the entire process or choose the steps that you are interested in taking. If you are a novice shooter and or have not touched a firearm before, or it’s been a while, Fired UP Firearms recommends taking all five steps. So what are the steps you ask?

Comfort – You have to be comfortable with your firearms:
Step 1:​ 

Building a relationship with your instructor. We want to know you a bit before you are standing in front of one of us at the range. You should want to know,  and start to trust us as your instructors. To do this, we will come to your home, sit down with you, get to know you a bit, and give you more detail on what we are all about. Your instructor will provide you with a survey to spawn your thoughts and discussion as to why you are looking for the training, what type of firearm you’re looking for, what is the purpose for the purchase and so on.  Using a training gun, the instructor will go through firearms safety and shooting techniques.  


Fired UP Firearms offers a firearms simulator that we set up in your living room! We literally turn your living room into a firing range! Using a laser training gun, of course.  We post the same target you use at the range, on your wall and put the shooting fundamentals taught to you to good use. We can track where you are shooting and adjust as necessary. All without a single bullet!

Step 2:

Time for a field trip! We will either pick you up or meet you at your favorite gun shop to outfit you for firearms. Why, you may ask? We know the gun of your choosing needs to fit your hand like a glove. We will walk your through every step of the firearms purchase.

Confidence: Build your confidence level up so you feel safe to carry:

Step 3: 

This is a crucial step for those that are looking to carry concealed! Your Fired UP Firearms instructor will provide you with shoot/no shot scenarios!  This option is designed to start your thinking as to what’ is going on around you. Real life video scenarios are shown to allow you to decide to un-holster your firearms and either shoot or not shoot to defend yourself, your loved ones, an innocent person or your property! We offer over a 140 different realistic scenarios!  Naturally your instructor will walk you through your decision making process for each scenario. 

​Precision – Hone in all of your skills in a safe environment!
Step 4: 

We go on another filed trip to the gun range! Now that you have learned your firearms safety, shooting techniques and fundamentals, we coach you through all of it at the firing range! You will shoot targets at the 3 yard, 7 yard and 10 yard ranges. This hones in your precision as we help you focus in on your skills!